Workplace mentoring & training

Successful employee retention strategies require a well informed and inclusive work environment. At Beyond Billabong, we can work with your organisation to create a supportive workplace through targeted training and mentoring programs to enhance employee engagement and retention.


Workplace mentoring is regarded as one of the most effective strategies to increase Indigenous employee retention. A range of factors can contribute to absenteeism and turnover among Indigenous employees, including the extent to which workplaces are able to support their cultural needs and expectations as well as the personal challenges facing employees as they adapt to mainstream work environments and balance community, cultural and work commitments.

Beyond Billabong will work with your organisation to support Indigenous employees joining your workforce through tailored mentoring programs, including:

  • Pastoral mentoring to provide guidance and support to employees to address concerns of a personal nature;
  • Workplace mentoring to assist employees to become technically proficient to required industry standards; and
  • Cultural mentoring to promote an understanding of Indigenous culture within the broader workforce, particularly for managers and supervisors who work closely with Indigenous employees.


Beyond Billabong can deliver further structured vocational training customised to your industry needs and level of operation. We can also provide refresher life-skills and pre-vocational training to ensure employees remain empowered and engaged and continue to actively participate in the workplace.


Beyond Billabong also offers counselling services to further support your organisation’s workplace mentoring and training programs. Our professionally qualified psychologists and counsellors are available to work with your employees to enhance their health and wellbeing and work effectiveness.