Trainee selection & recruitment

Through our extensive network of schools, job service agencies and training providers, Beyond Billabong can assist your organisation to select and recruit suitable Indigenous candidates for traineeship positions. 

In addition, we can support your chosen candidates to make a smooth transition into your workplace by assisting them to become ‘work-ready’ through our life-skills and pre-vocational training programs that will:

  • Instil positive work habits such as attendance, punctuality, routine, dress standards and team work; 
  • Teach trainees how to actively listen, communicate clearly and follow instructions;
  • Provide trainees with the skills to effectively balance their social, cultural and work obligations; and
  • Build trainees’ confidence and self-esteem through positive educational experiences.

We tailor our programs to meet your organisation’s requirements and to reflect your trainees’ needs, including literacy and numeracy skill levels. We also offer ongoing workplace mentoring and training to ensure your trainees are supported during their transition and continue to remain empowered and actively engaged in the workforce.