Who we are

Welcome to Beyond Billabong! As a leading provider of pre-vocational training and support services, our team specialises in delivering innovative programs to job-seekers and young people whose access to mainstream opportunities and resources is limited. 

Since 2009, we have supported more than 600 job-seekers to achieve their personal and career goals by equipping them with the confidence, skills and knowledge to make positive life-choices and take constructive action.

We partner with industry, government, job service agencies and educational institutions to create education, training and employment pathways for our clients and support them as they transition into the workforce.

Our programs are delivered in a safe and caring environment and we have a strong track record of working with job-seekers and young people who have a history of complex life issues, including dysfunctional behaviour and substance misuse.  

We believe Beyond Billabong is a place where people come together to do extraordinary things!